I’ve worked with Marlon a few times now. First I made two different sets of demos with him, and then recorded an EP with my band Lindsay & The Shimmies. These positive experiences led me to work with him on the biggest recording project I’ve done, a 13-track multi-layered album of my own songs, with everything from piano to guitar to drums to horns to strings to marimba.
— Lindsay Weinberg
I recorded several songs with Marlon over the course of a few evenings during an arctic Illinois winter in 2006. It was unquestionably the best recording session I’ve had. Despite the temperatures outside, and the fact that I was nearly hacking up my lungs due to some unfortunate and ill-timed malady, Marlon kept the studio environment quite comforting. Mood lighting. Steaming cups of yerba buena tea appearing mysteriously. Well equipped. Intimate. A perfect setup.
— Nathaniel Krause



I love working with music and putting my name on a finished product is a very big honor. My attention to detail and your satisfaction will always be the driving force in the outcome of the project.



About Me


I have been involved in music from a young age. Being in a band (That Saturday) sparked a career interest, which led me to pursue a degree in music business and eventually a technical degree in recording and live sound.


After college I moved to Arizona to attend The Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences , where I got lost in studio land for a year. I moved back to Chicago to complete an internship and eventually started recording artists on my own terms, as well as keeping busy doing live sound. You can find me most evenings putting a microphone on something.